Life experience. Art for the People

Life experience. Art for the People

For as long as I can remember I have felt deeply and un-ingnorably called to be in service to the health and well-being of other humans, other species, and this planet. In the process of exploring how I might live into this calling I adventured through the worlds of general education, special education, permaculture, and family therapy before finding deep appreciation for and resonance with the language of Depth Psychology and practices of Reiki and wilderness-based rites of passage.

All-throughout my search for the form and forum that would best support my calling to be in service, I harbored what I was taught early-on to believe was a selfish, unattainable, and impractical fantasy of being a full time artist and creator -- and it hasn't been until just recently that I have had the courage or resources to challenge the stories that have prevented me from exploring how my calling to create may expand my ability and capacity to step into my power as an In-Betweener in service to healing and well-being.

I have drawn on the wonderfully wide variety of tools, skills, and values I have learned and developed along my journey so far to lovingly create an equally broad range of unique skills that are in service to celebration, ceremony, sustainable living, and self-healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of my life experience, and to look at what we have poured our hearts into!

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Posted by Samer Tallauze
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